Written by STOPP Website Staff (07/01/2018)

The following information is taken from the official website of I Am Little Red, a ten-minute animated short film that is aimed at children who are most at-risk for being victimized by human trafficking.  The film is available from many media sources, which you can find on the film’s website at https://www.iamjanedoefilm.com/little-red/  .

I Am Little Red is the idea of Linda Cabot, a key funder of I Am Jane Doe, a documentary about three middle school girls who were victims of human trafficking, and their families’ fight against Backpage.com, the online classified site where they were sold.  (For more information about the movie I Am Jane Doe, see our blog dated 03-28-2018 for a review and description of the film.)

Linda saw prevention as a goal of the I Am Little Red project, hence her choice of the animated short film genre, suitable for viewing by children.  The target audience is children most at-risk for sex-trafficking, e.g., foster-care, runaway, homeless, LBGTQ, and adopted children, with the goal of awareness and prevention.  The film is written by 10 survivors of sex trafficking, 14 – 21 years old, and Mary Mazzio.

The film is a contemporary re-imagining of the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.  I Am Little Red addresses the four tactics a “wolf” (trafficker/pimp) will typically use to lure Little Red into danger.

Training materials are available with the film for education, and the film is already being introduced into agencies that work with at-risk youth.

Click on the link below for more information on the film and training materials, to view a trailer, or to order a copy of the film.

link:  https://www.iamjanedoefilm.com/little-red/