Written by STOPP Website Staff (03/14/2018)

Labor and sex trafficking are physically and emotionally demanding. Victims of human trafficking will likely seek medical attention at some time. In one study, 88% of trafficked victims reported seeking medical care while being trafficked. Every person in a medical setting, doctors, nurses, administrative staff, psychologists and psychiatrists, dental offices, health educators, all are in a position to identify and to educate and help a trafficking victim.

It would be so helpful if human trafficking became a routine part of medical screenings and medical education. These victims are less likely to be missed if they are being actively looked for. Please review the following information from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, and share it with your medical center staff. Thank you for helping to end the scourge of this modern slavery.

What to Look for during a Medical Exam – FINAL – 2-16-16.docx