Written by STOPP Website Staff (07/15/2018)

The US Department of Justice is rigorously going after child sex offenders, and in a recent national sting operation called Operation Broken Heart, they were able to arrest more than 2300 child sex offenders and save 383 children. The operation was conducted over March, April and May of 2018 by Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces. ICAC task forces are located in all 50 states and are comprised of more than 4500 state, federal, local and tribal law enforcement agencies.

During the three months of the operation, the task forces investigated more than 25,200 complaints of technology-facilitated crimes against children. They also delivered more than 3700 educational presentations on Internet Safety to over 390,000 youths and adults.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated, “No child should ever have to endure sexual abuse. And yet, in recent years, certain forms of modern technology have facilitated the spread of child pornography and created greater incentives for its production. Any would-be criminal should be warned: this Department will remain relentless in hunting down those who victimize our children.”

For more information on Operation Broken Heart and on the ICAC task forces, read the complete article at the US Department of Justice webpage at the following link:


You can also visit the ICAC Task Force webpage at https://www.icactaskforce.org

Information on your state’s involvement in Operation Broken Heart is available. See the information at the end of the above article.