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Professional Registry: This is a registry of professionals involved in aspects of trafficking:  Law Enforcement, Courts, Education and Youth, Medical/Hospitals, Mental Health or Social Services, Residential Treatment, Safe Houses, Regional Collaboratives, etc.  The goal of this Registry is to allow networking among registrants across the states and the country.

Registrants will be organized alphabetically by state.


  • Registration Alphabetically by State
  • Include for our confidential records a contact person’s name, contact information, and your professional state License Number.
  • Include the contact information that you would like included in our Registry, e.g., your website address, email address, phone number, etc. We will only publish in the Registry what you permit.
  • Include one or two sentences describing your work or involvement, or that of your organization.

Professional Registry


Call in tips to 1-800-222-TIPS


Call in tips to 01800-5533-000

United States

National Organizations

The Blue Campaign
Information and training for law enforcement and the public. This site is
sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Phone: 1-866-347-2423

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National clearinghouse and reporting center for the prevention of and
recovery from child victimization. Regional offices are in New York, Texas,
Florida, and California. You can submit information on a missing child or
search their data base for a missing child.
24 hour Call Center:: 1-800-843-5678, (1-800-THE-LOST)
Phone: 703-224-2150
Fax: 703-224-2122

National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC)
To report online, or to access resources and referrals:
To call, 24/7: National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

Survivors Inc
Free tattoo cover up for tattoos associated with trafficking. Survivor must
be involved in recovery or addiction treatment for at least 6 months. Fill
out an application:

The Polaris Project
Information on trafficking, lists of involved organizations and a hotline
are available.
TEXT for Help: Text HELP to 233733 (BeFree)

Truckers Against Trafficking
Report by email:
Training by DVD for truckers regarding what to watch for as you are on the
road. Training Certification is available.

Professional Registry by States


End It Alabama
State task force: coordinate strategies to provide necessary services for
victims of human trafficking, focus prevention efforts to end the demand,
create awareness through education and community initiatives, and develop
legislation to prevent, intervene, and treat human trafficking.
Huntsville, AL

N. Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force
State task force: formed to raise public awareness, educate the community,
and advocate to effect change in local, regional, and state policies
related to human trafficking.
Hunstville, AL


Alaska Institute for Justice
Provides comprehensive legal services to survivors of human trafficking,,
including US citizens, immigrants and youth. AIJ’s services for
trafficking survivors are free, and include trauma-informed legal advocacy,
legal representation, and assistance in accessing social services.
907-279-2457(Anchorage office)
907-789-1326(Juneau office)

Love Alaska
Provides education training for law enforcement, social workers, local
shelters, and regular Alaskans to help identify trafficking, and know how
to offer help and hope.
Anchorage, AK


Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services
Attorneys and advocates providing no-cost legal services to support the
safety, stability, and self-sufficiency of young people impacted by
homelessness, human trafficking, abuse, and the foster care system.
Services include full representation, consultations, referrals, training,
and system reform advocacy.
Phoenix, AZ

Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR)
School of Social Work at Arizona State University acting as a central
source of research on domestic sex trafficking which will inform the
decisions made by those who contact victims and perpetrators of sex
trafficking including law enforcement and prosecutors, educators, medical
services and social services.
Phoenix, AZ

Trust AZ
Centralized resource for research papers, news articles, TED talks,
documentaries, and other public media regarding sex trafficking, to provide
convenient accessibility service providers, community outreach
organizations, law enforcement, legal services, the judiciary, media
representatives, and victim advocates.


Connects K-12 educators with quality, ADE-approved professional development
and educational opportunities, including courses on general awareness of
human trafficking and its indicators.


Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)
Working to end human trafficking through comprehensive, lifesaving services
to survivors and a platform to advocate for groundbreaking policies and
legislation; from counseling, to legal resources, to housing, educational
and leadership training and mentorship.
Los Angeles, CA


Justice 61
Partners with local health care providers, criminal defense attorneys,
government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals to
provide housing and mobilize medical, legal, mental health, and educational
resources for children 13 to 23.
Brighton, CO

Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking
Supports local anti-trafficking efforts by raising public awareness,
facilitating professional trainings, conducting community-based research,
and driving action and informing policy changes.
(303) 295-0451
Denver, CO


The Connecticut Coalition Against Trafficking
Coordinated anti-trafficking network to increase awareness of the issue of
human trafficking among law enforcement, professionals in a variety of
industries, and the public at-large. Members include victim service
providers, law enforcement personnel, activists, faith-based community
members, educators, researchers, and state and local government officials.
Through its members and partners, CTCAT offers specialized training on
prevention, victim identification, and legal and social services available
to victims in the state.
Hartford, CT



Broward County Human Trafficking Coalition
Working to impact the response to victims of human trafficking through
outreach and advocacy activities, to coordinate informational, educational,
and training seminars, and identify resources available in Broward County.
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, FL

Covenant House Florida
Serves runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth under 21, including teen
parents and their babies via street outreach, crisis shelters, transitional
housing projects, and aftercare.
Fort Lauderdale : 954-561-5559
Orlando : 407-482-0404

Florida Abolitionist
Works to rebuild the lives of human trafficking survivors while empowering
the community to prevent the crime from continuing in the greater Orlando
Orlando, FL

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking
Improves and provides outreach and services to victims of human trafficking
throughout the State of Florida by developing support programs, networking,
coalition building, training, service delivery, and referrals to victims.
(727) 442-3064
Clearwater, FL

Florida Trucking Association
Created to inform truckers, truck stop operators, and other travelers of
the basic issues involved in human trafficking and a summary of ways you
can help.
(850) 222-9900
Tallahassee, FL

Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force
Provides a human-rights based, victim centered community forum and
mechanism to combat all aspects of human trafficking in the greater Orlando
area through coordination of public awareness, education and involvement
and the creation of formalized alliances and partnerships of local, state
and federal agencies and organizations, including law enforcement, social
service agencies, faith-based and community groups, businesses, immigrant
outreach programs, and health care and legal assistance providers.
Orlando, FL

The Lifeboat Project
Increases awareness of human trafficking through training; restore hope and
dignity to exploited individuals; promote self-sufficiency by providing a
safe residence; and furnish assistance for personal development and
counseling coordinating with other agencies. Restoring victims to wholeness
through a long-term individualized holistic program. Assisting survivors in
partnership with community based programs and selected businesses. Serves
survivors of labor and sex trafficking. Residential treatment is available.
PO Box 1083
Apopka, FL

Miami Dade State Attorney Human Trafficking Unit
Trauma-informed law enforcement model for the investigation and prosecution
of Human Trafficking. This unit encompasses distinguished, highly trained
specialized prosecutors, investigators and victim specialists.
Miami, FL

South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force
Combats trafficking through coordination with NGOs and law enforcement
within South Florida in order to identify and provide services to
trafficking victims, and coordinate investigations. The SFHTTF uses a
victim-centered approach mandated by law in which the identification,
rescue, and needs of victims have equal importance to the apprehension and
prosecution of traffickers.

World Relief Jacksonville
Works to raise awareness of human trafficking, provide trainings to
communities and bring restoration to victims.
Jacksonville, FL


Covenant House Georgia
Immediate shelter for homeless and trafficked youth; provides opportunities
to empower them to finish high school, start college, gain employment, live
independently, and ultimately step out into the world knowing they are
prepared to be successful.
Atlanta, GA

Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force
Works to keep citizens of Georgia safe through focusing on community
awareness and education; youth awareness, and safety; deterring traffickers
and buyers; keeping at-risk youth safe; apprehending, investigating, and
prosecuting; examining labor, international, and adult sex trafficking;
supporting, and protecting survivors and aiding in their recovery.
Atlanta, GA

Rescuing Hope
Works to enlighten the public about the problem of sex trafficking through
educating potential victims and first responders, and empowering advocates
and survivors.
Marietta, GA


Legal Aid Society of Hawaii
Screens and assesses victims to ensure that they meet the definition of
human trafficking. Legal Aid provides legal assistance to these victims,
including but not limited to, explanation of client rights and
responsibilities, litigation and witness assistance in criminal
prosecutions if needed, and family and civil matters. Specifically, these
services include, but are not limited to assistance with applying for T
visas, immigration relief, adjustment of status, and general advocacy on
matters resulting from the client’s situation as a human trafficking
O’ahu: 808-536-4302
Neighbor Islands: 1-800-499-4302
Honolulu, HI


Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition
Works alongside community members in providing awareness, education,
services, and safe housing to victims and survivors of human trafficking in
Boise, ID

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence
Works to build the capacity of programs, organizations, and systems through
teaching communities to provide safe, compassionate, trauma-informed,
inclusive and accessible services to adolescents and adults and their
children exposed to violence and to increase offender accountability.
+1 (0) 208 384-0419
Boise, ID


Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation
Creates and implements educational curricula that encourage high-school-age
men and women to work against sexual exploitation; advocates for
legislative and policy reforms that will increase legal and social
accountability for perpetrators of harm; promotes broad community support
for services and resources for survivors, advises law enforcement, policy
makers, and other stakeholders; develops toolkits for nonprofits,
faith-based groups, schools, businesses, feminist groups, and other
communities and individuals; engages in civil litigation against
perpetrators and facilitators.
Chicago, IL

Cook County Human Trafficking Taskforce
Combats human trafficking through seamless collaboration between law
enforcement and social service providers;
Uses a victim-centered approach in proactively investigating and
prosecuting human trafficking crimes; and provides comprehensive,
high-quality social services to all victims of human trafficking.
contact through site, Chicago, IL

Covenant House Chicago
Provides homeless youth (ages 18-24) with ongoing care, case
management and crisis support.
(312) 759-7888
Chicago, IL


The Share Group
Supportive organization that provides resources, training and educational
opportunities for anti-human-trafficking, both for the public and for
professionals with focus on prevention, protection and prosecution.
Phone: 219-525-4335
Mobile: 219-677-0090
Crown Point, IN


Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery
Iowa’s first and only statewide volunteer organization devoted
exclusively to ending human trafficking in all its forms through coalition
building, raising awareness, promoting education, advocating for effective
prevention, intervention, rescue, and recovery services and effective
legislation and public policy.
Contact through website
Ames, IA

Set Free Dubuque
Focuses on a three-part mission to educate our community, advocate for
survivors, and eliminate the demand for modern-day slavery.
Contact through website
Dubuque, IA

Teens Against Human Trafficking
Each Teens Against Human Trafficking team works with a teacher in their
school to determine the best approach to raise awareness in their school
and community. Teams educate students at their school about the issue,
warning signs and how to protect themselves, host school or community
documentary showings, fundraise for safe homes and victim services in Iowa,
increase awareness through media coverage, including local and school
newspapers, raise awareness through visual and performing arts, lobby for
legislation relevant to anti-trafficking efforts, and create their own
customized awareness activities and events
Ames, IA


Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Initiative (ASHTI)
Working group of faculty and students at The University of Kansas
developing individual and collaborative research projects to understand the
components of human trafficking in the US and abroad.
+1 785-864-3701
Lawrence, KS

Center for Combating Human Trafficking
Based at Wichita State University, this organization bridges the gap
between direct practice, policy, and academic resources for the purposes of
effectively preventing, assessing, identifying, evaluating, and intervening
in cases of human trafficking. This is accomplished through the provision
of direct service, education, training and awareness,
consultation/technical assistance, research, and policy development.
(316) 978-5061
Wichita, KS

STARS: Stop Trafficking and Reject Slavery
Primarily an educational organization composed of educators, clergy,
concerned citizens and local law enforcement.
Topeka, KS

Veronica’s Voice
Working to empower women to exit from, to prevent the entry into, and to
end all demand for prostitution-sex trafficking in the United States through survivor leadership.
(816) 483-7101
Kansas City, KS


Free 2 Hope
Uses a unique 4 E-model that we believe will systematically disrupt human
trafficking and makes our communities safer for all: educate, equip,
expose, enable.
(502) 475-0555, Louisville, KT

Lexington Human Trafficking Task Force
Strategic network of local organizations and individuals working
collaboratively to combat human trafficking throughout the Commonwealth of
Kentucky. Agencies represented on the task force include local law
enforcement, the US Attorney’s Office, FBI, victim service providers, faith
based organizations, local NGOs, student groups, local businesses, etc.
Contact through website
Lexington, KT


Louisiana Coalition Against Human Trafficking
Establishing a law enforcement/judiciary awareness/education program,
developing and implementing protocol for the rescue and restoration of
victims, establishing community awareness programs targeting schools,
churches and civic organizations, establishing a 24-hour help call line and
a rescue van, and developing of intensive therapeutic foster care programs.
Covington, LA

Modern Slavery Research Project
Loyola University New Orleans’s Modern Slavery Research Project is
working toward emancipating victims in Southeast Louisiana and the U.S.
from modern slavery through data-based research and training that better
serves victims and supports the advocates who make escape possible for
those held captive in modern-day slavery.
(504) 865-2479
New Orleans, LA


Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network
Provides training, technical assistance, and resources to direct service
providers engaged in anti-trafficking efforts in Maine, as well as
community awareness and public policy support through Maine Coalition
Against Sexual Assault.
Contact through website
Augusta, ME


Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force
Multidisciplinary team of agencies and organizations committed to a
victim-centered approach in the fight against human trafficking in Maryland
through increasing public awareness, coordinating state policies/protocols,
and implementing best practices for investigations, prosecution, victim
identification, and victim service response.
Eastern Shore County, Howard County, Prince George’s County,
Montgomery County, MD


Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
The only rape crisis center in the Greater Boston area and the oldest and
largest center in Massachusetts. Its vision is to end sexual violence
through healing and social change. Provides free, confidential support and
services to survivors of sexual violence ages 12 and up, and to their
families and friends.
Cambridge, MA

Massachusetts Coalition to End Human Trafficking
A diverse group of organizations and community members in MA who believe
that everyone has a crucial role in preventing, identifying, and ending
human trafficking.
Boston, MA

Massachusetts General Hospital Human Trafficking Initiative
Advancing research, education, policy, and clinical care efforts within the
health sector to comprehensively address the devastating public health
effects of all forms of human trafficking.
Boston, MA


Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force
Facilitates a collaborative effort to prevent trafficking, pursues
prosecution of perpetrators, and supports rehabilitation efforts for
trafficking victims.
Director, Jane P. White:
Lansing, MI


Minnesota Coalition of Battered Women
Provides a voice for battered women and member programs; challenge systems
and institutions so they respond more effectively to the needs of battered
women and their children; promote social change; and support, educate, and
connect member programs.
(651) 646-6177 or (800) 289-6177
St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Human Trafficking Taskforce
Working to end human trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation in
Minnesota through a coordinated, multidisciplinary, statewide response.
Contact through website
St. Paul, MN



Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition
Provides free trafficking awareness and prevention education programs,
raise funds to help survivors begin a new life away from their traffickers,
and support survivors as they integrate back into the community.
(866) 590-5959
Columbia, MO


Montana Anti-Trafficking Projecting
Educating the public on how to recognize and report human trafficking and
helping victims gain access to services and treatment.
Missoula, MT

Montana ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children)
Helps state and local law enforcement officials work together to educate
the public, investigate cases and arrest those who use computers to prey
upon and exploit children.
Billings, MT


University of Nebraska Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking
An interactive conference formatted for those who have research results or
ideas who wish to inform their peers of the work of their organization or
who wish to fund anti-trafficking efforts and research.
+1 (0) 402-472-2381
Omaha, NE


Salvation Army SEEDS of Hope
Works in collaboration with local law enforcement, FBI, ICE and numerous
community service providers to identify, rescue, and restore victims of all
forms of human trafficking. Through comprehensive case management services
they provide emergency shelter, transportation, clothing, food, victim
advocacy, crises intervention and safety planning, medical and dental care,
derivative family member benefits, mental health counseling, employment
assistance, legal referrals, substance abuse treatment, access to child
care, and other service recommendations.
702-649-8240 ext 230
Las Vegas, NV

New Hampshire

Freedom Café
Provides a collaborative space which invites the local community to take
ownership and action toward a slave-free world. Through presentations,
discussion groups and community events, we seek to educate local citizens
about the complexities of the issue and its root causes, the actions
necessary for preventing it, and ways to support reputable organizations
working to bring about a world where all people are free.
Durham, NH

Haven New Hampshire
24-hour confidential crisis hotline staffed by trained advocates;
accompaniment services to hospital emergency rooms, police stations, child
advocacy centers and courts; referrals and information on safety planning,
emergency, temporary and permanent restraining orders; therapist referrals;
safe shelter for women and their children; support groups for survivors and
those impacted by domestic and sexual violence; K-12 violence prevention
education programs, Safe Kids Strong Teens; and community presentations
Portsmouth, Salem, Rochester, NH

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Create safe and just communities through influencing public policy on the
local, state and national levels; ensuring that quality services are
provided to victims; promoting the accountability of societal systems and
communities for their responses to sexual violence, domestic violence and
stalking, and preventing future violence and abuse.
(603) 224-8893
Concord, NH

New Jersey

Covenant House New Jersey
Core services are comprised of a wide array of in-house training programs,
including healthcare, educational support, GED preparation, job readiness
and skills training, drug abuse treatment and prevention, legal services,
mental health services, the Mother/Child program, life skills training, and
609-348-4070 – Atlantic City, NJ
973-621-8705 – Newark, NJ

New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking
Made up of over 150 groups in the state, including nonprofits, faith-based
organizations, government agencies, academics, law enforcement, and direct
service providers; working to serve as the hub of community efforts
statewide to increase coordination and visibility of NJ’s commitment
to end human trafficking.
(201) 903-2111
Short Hills, NJ

New Mexico

New Mexico Organized Against Human Trafficking (NM-OATH)
Works to educate New Mexico communities about the pervasiveness of the
human trafficking epidemic, increase public awareness and identification of
local cases, provide empowerment tools aimed at preventing victimization,
to promote effective rights-based responses to instances of modern slavery
and foster both non-governmental and governmental partnerships in joint
action against human trafficking.
Ruidoso, NM

Santa Fe Safe
Collaboration that includes law enforcement, social service programs, the
courts, legal service providers and health care entities, dedicated to
reducing and preventing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and
teen dating violence. Santa Fe Safe provides training, advocates for
legislative changes, encourages cross-agency collaborations and provides
information to individuals and organizations.
Santa Fe, NM

New York

American Civic Association
The American Civic Association is part of the Human Trafficking Task Force
of Broome, Chenango, Tioga, Cortland, Tompkins, and Delaware Counties,
working to identify and intervene in human trafficking cases as well as
educate the general community about the issue and help integrate victims.
(607) 723-9419
Binghamton, NY

New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition
A group of organizations that have joined forces to increase public
awareness of human trafficking in our communities, enact anti-trafficking
laws, improve law enforcement response and increase social services to help
people escape trafficking.
New York, NY

Safe Horizon
Formerly the Victim Services Agency, Safe Horizon is the
largest nonprofit victim services organization in the United States. It
provides social services for victims of abuse and violent crime in 57
locations throughout New York City. It has programs for victims of domestic
violence, child abuse, sexual assault and sexual trafficking, as well as
homeless youth. The website is accessible to the Spanish-speaking
population. The anti-trafficking program meets practical needs for victims
including food, clothing, shelter, and legal assistance.
Hotline: 866-689-HELP (4357)

North Carolina

Change Purse
Raising awareness and financially supporting faith based organizations that
provide hope, healing, and restoration, through their direct work with
victims and survivors of sex trafficking. Change Purse donates profits
generated through collecting donated purses that are new or in like-new
condition and selling them via the online store, awareness events, and home
Greensboro, NC

NC Stop Human Trafficking
Works to fight human trafficking on multiple levels, following the P.A.V.E.
model: Prevention, Advocacy, Victim Services and Education/awareness. NC
Stop works through connecting and supporting individuals, community-based
and faith-based organizations, non-governmental and governmental
Charlotte, NC

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA)
Inclusive, statewide alliance working to end sexual violence through
education, advocacy, and legislation.
Raleigh, NC

Partners Against Trafficking Humans in NC
Raising awareness and to foster actions of prevention through collaboration
to end human trafficking in all its forms
Raleigh, NC

North Dakota

A space for advocates, direct service providers, law enforcement, and
allied partners who are seeking to develop and implement a coordinated,
comprehensive response to the sex trafficking crisis in North Dakota.
Bismarck, ND

Voice for the Captives
Primarily works to bring education, training, and awareness events to
+1 (0) 701 237-9651
Fargo, ND

We Are Unseen
Equipping rescuers with the tools and support they need to grow so they can
offer more help to the forgotten. primarily through fundraising efforts.
Fargo, ND


Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition
Provides a collaborative community response to human trafficking in central
Ohio through education, services, advocacy, and prosecution.
Columbus, OH

Collaborative Initiative to End Human Trafficking
Educates and advocates for the prevention and abolition of human
trafficking while connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons
Cleveland, OH

End Slavery Cincinnati
Working to train, educate, and reach out to the community and advocate for
each individual survivor of human trafficking, as well as all potential
victims of human trafficking, to have full access to all legal, social
service, and rehabilitation/recovery resources.
Cincinnati, OH

Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force
Formed to marshal the resources of the State of Ohio to coordinate efforts
to identify victims, create a coordinated law enforcement system to
investigate and prosecute human trafficking crimes, and to provide the
services and treatment necessary for victims to regain control of their
Columbus, OH



Abolish Child Trafficking (ACT) South Oregon
Bringing attention to the growing crime of underage sex trafficking within
our state and local communities
+1 (0) 541 646-0068
Grants Pass, OR

Adorned in Grace
Raises awareness and provides funds to bring hope and healing to at-risk
girls and victims of human trafficking by repurposing and redesigning new
and gently used bridal, formalwear and accessories.
Portland, OR

Central Oregon Against Human Trafficking
Dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking in Oregon through
training, educational programs and community events.
Bend, OR

City Serve PDX
Connecting people, entities, and resources for greater impact.
Portland, OR

Oregonians Against Human Trafficking (OATH)
The volunteer, public awareness, education and outreach branch of the
Oregonian Human Trafficking Task Force (OHTTF)
Deputy Keith Bickford at
Portland, OR


(List of county-county coalitions)

Covenant House PA
An array of services for homeless young people, including a first-class
clinic, staff to help with going to college and finding a job, and
one-to-one support to help young people plan, stay on track, and achieve
their goals. Also provide housing for longer periods to give our young
people time to find work, learn important skills, and save money.
(215) 951-5411
Philadelphia, PA

Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley
Assists all ages and genders with Individual and Group Counseling, and
Court, Medical and Police Accompaniment.
Assistance with PFAs, SVPs, and PFIs. Provides referrals.
24/7 Hotline (610-437-6611).

Domestic Violence Service Center
Assists survivors of abuse and trafficking. Emergency shelter for females.
All other services are for all gender and ages. Counseling, Support Groups,
Assistance with PFAs. Provides referrals.
Carbon and Luzerne Counties
24/7 Hotline: 570-823-7312

East Side Laser Center
No cost laser tattoo removal for trafficking/gang related tattoos.

Friends of Farmworkers
Offers Mobile Therapy. Advocacy for employment, housing, immigration
reform, language access. Services in English and Spanish.

NEPA Task Force Against Human Trafficking
Representatives of social service agencies, ministries, therapists,
educators, attorneys and law enforcement in northeastern Pennsylvania who
organize to educate the community and who provide services to trafficked
and abused individuals.

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR)
Advocates for the rights and needs of sexual assault victims.
Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania Alliance Against the Trafficking of Humans
A group of organizations dedicated to fighting domestic sex trafficking.
After the passage of Act 105, which updated existing trafficking laws to
better protect victims of trafficking, to prosecute sex buyers and
exploiters, and to prevent trafficking from happening in the first place,
PAATH is making sure the law is followed.
Harrisburg, PA

The Project to End Human Trafficking
Works toward the prevention and elimination of trafficking in persons
through awareness raising, direct service coordination, capacity building
and collaboration with key stakeholders.
Pittsburgh, PA

Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST)
Serves all ages and genders. Case management and referral services. Connect
survivor with a community support person to help build a network in the
community. Support group that meets twice monthly. Annual women’s
Bethlehem, PA.

Victim Intervention Program
Serves all ages and genders. Shelter services, 30 + days. Counseling.
Court, medical and legal accompaniment. Assistance with PFAs, SVPs, and
PFIs. Provides referrals.
Wayne County, Honesdale, PA
24/7 Hotline: 570-253-4401

Victims Resource Center
Serves all ages and genders with Individual Counseling and a 24/7 Hotline
(610-379-0151). Provides Court, Legal and Medical Accompaniment. Assistance
with PFAs, SVPs,and PFIs. Provides referrals. Serves trafficked and abused
Carbon County: 610-379-0151
Luzerne County: 570-823-0765
Wyoming County: 570-836-5544

The Villanova Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Educate and provide technical assistance to those who respond to commercial
sexual exploitation in Pennsylvania, the United States and beyond,
promoting victim-centered, trauma-informed multidisciplinary collaboration;
equip policy-makers and the broader community with the skills and knowledge
they need to improve the legal system’s response to commercial sexual
exploitation, in order to support survivors and hold perpetrators
accountable; and center the experiences of survivors to inform the
development of policies and best practices to combat commercial sexual
exploitation and are committed to engaging the survivor community in
shaping our positions.
Philadelphia, PA

Women’s Resource Center
Serves all ages and genders with counseling, and both immediate safe
houses, and transitional housing. Court, Medical and Police Accompaniment.
Advocacy and referrals.
Lackawanna and Susquehanna Counties

YWCA of Greater Harrisburg
Emergency Shelter of 30 days for women and children; Men are found a safe
place. Crisis response and intervention. Counseling and case management.
Legal and Medical Accompaniment. Interpretation/Translation.
24/7 Hotline: 1-800-654-1211

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Lighthouse for Life
Works to raise awareness about human trafficking in order to provide people
with the knowledge and tools needed to empower them to detect the warning
signs of potential human trafficking situations in an effort to protect
their own communities.
(803) 900-0907
Irmo, SC

Project 4 One
Focusing our efforts on raising money and awareness to support the
Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution of our victims, buyers and sellers.
Spartanburg, SC

Rivers of Justice
Promotes awareness of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) through
offering free training programs designed for educators, medical
professionals, churches, teens, and for any person or organization
Seneca, SC

South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force
Working to collect and share trafficking data among government agencies;
coordinating inter-agency information sharing; establish policies to
position state government to work with nongovernmental organizations and
other elements of civil society; review the existing services and
facilities to meet trafficking victims’ needs; evaluate the various
approaches used by state and local governments to increase public
awareness; collect and publish data on trafficking; design and implement
public awareness campaigns; and creation and dissemination of materials to
increase the public’s awareness of the extent of trafficking in
persons, both US citizens and foreign nationals.
Columbia, SC

South Dakota

South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence (SDCEDSV)
Strong alliance of advocacy and shelter programs located throughout the
state and on tribal lands.
Pierre, SD

South Dakota West River Human Trafficking Task Force
Collaboration of diverse organizations and individuals connected to raise
awareness, provide information and education, advocate for prosecution of
offenders and support human trafficking victims and survivors.


Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT)
Raising awareness about the overall issue of human trafficking, training
and equipping primary responders,
over-seeing a locally focused, collaborative task force through which
counter-trafficking work can flourish, and ensuring a clear, restorative
path for survivors of human trafficking through our direct services
Knoxville, TN

End Slavery Tennessee
Equipping first responders to identify victims of human trafficking,;
providing all survivors of any kind of human trafficking long term,
comprehensive, specialized, trauma-informed aftercare through both in-
house services and other community service providers; facilitate
specialized groups to keep vulnerable youth safer; address the demand
through interactive curriculum, and equip the general population through
innovative strategies and resources to prevent exploitation.
Nashville, TN


Allies Against Slavery
Works to engage and mobilize the community through advocacy, education and
activism initiatives, and to support and empower local survivors of human
Contact through website, Austin, TX

American Gateways
Provides the legal and educational services immigrants need to navigate our
immigration system, join our American family, and begin a new life free of
torture and abuse.
Austin, TX

Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking
Works collaboratively to increase public awareness and identification of
human trafficking cases, and to provide identified victims of human
trafficking with comprehensive social and medical services
Contact through website
Austin, TX

Covenant House Texas
Offers an extensive continuum of care model for homeless youth, including
mental health and substance abuse counseling, educational and vocational
training, transitional and permanent living programs, street outreach and
prevention, pastoral ministry and parenting classes in addition to
providing the basic necessities of food, clothing, medical care and safe
shelter from the streets for youth in crisis.
Houston, TX

Freedom Place
Christ-centered care and recovery center for underage female victims of
domestic child sex trafficking. It is the first long-term, comprehensive
care facility in Texas for underage victims of domestic child sex
trafficking and is one of only five such facilities in the United States.
Spring, TX

Mosaic Family Services
A multicultural staff fluent in over 31 languages offers a spectrum of
services including case management, counseling, legal assistance, and
shelter. Mosaic continues to meet the needs of the underserved
multicultural communities.
Dallas, TX

North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking
The individuals and agencies that make up the Coalition collectively
provide health, counseling, legal, and case management services to hundreds
of trafficked people each year.
Dallas, TX

Redeemed Ministries
Offers restoration services to adult survivors of domestic sex trafficking
with a trauma-informed holistic healing program, and the support of our
community partners. Newest addition is Sparrow House, a home designed
specifically for the long term care of women survivors.

Refuge City
Speaks to churches, organizations, and businesses to educate people and
works to provide children a safe place where bodies, minds, souls, and
dreams can be restored.
Richardson, TX

Refuge of Light
Dedicated to establishing a long-term safe home that provides physical,
mental, and spiritual healing in an effort to overcome the brutalization of
modern-day slavery, called ‘sex trafficking,’ in the lives of
victimized girls under the age of 18 years within the United States
Tyler, TX

Rescue Her
Fighting the injustice of human trafficking, especially that of young
girls, both in the US and abroad, through awareness, prevention, rescue and
aftercare initiatives.
Euless, TX

Trafficking 911
Educating adults and youth about the plight of sex trafficking in America
and equipping them with practical ways to keep themselves safe; identifying
domestic minor sex trafficking victims all across Texas (and beyond)
through our Juvenile Detention Outreach, High Risk Youth Outreach, and
through our highly-skilled Internet Surveillance Team, and then plugging
them into the professional trauma-informed services they desire.
Addison, TX

United Against Human Trafficking
Identifying those trapped in cycles of exploitation, and connecting them to
direct services. Also work to educate diverse communities to know and
report the signs of human trafficking.
Houston, TX


Historians Against Slavery
Brings historical context and scholarship to the modern-day antislavery
movement in order to inform activists and to develop collaborations to
sustain and enhance such efforts.
Provo, UT

Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Provides resources, training, and technical support to sexual violence
prevention educators, first responders, legal and criminal justice agencies
and facilitates the development of multi-disciplinary teams to respond to
sexual violence throughout the state.
Salt Lake City, UT


Give Way to Freedom
Supports and provides victim care services to the survivors of human
trafficking, advocates for optimal comprehensive care for victims, and
educates in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of human
Courtney Albert, Founder & President
Burlington, VT


Bridge to Freedom Foundation
To ensure that survivors of modern day slavery are able to build the skills
and resources needed to escape the cycle of modern slavery and abuse while
attaining and achieving lives they choose. BTFF strives to accomplish this
through targeted and unique evidence-based programs.
703-256-5718, Merrifield, VA

Butterfly House
Faith based organization working toward building a safe home for minor
girls rescued from sex trafficking, and in the future a safe home for boys.
Stated mission is to educate and bring awareness about sex trafficking
through participation in the community.
+1 757-839-9932
Virginia Beach, VA

Disrupts the flow of human trafficking by working with first responders and
conducting outreach to vulnerable populations, working towards the goal of
identifying and intervening; and advises and collaborates with government
agencies, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, non-profit
organizations, and the faith community to deliver training that goes beyond
what human trafficking is to how we can address it and how to interact with
Richmond, VA

ImPACT Virginia
Advocating for prevention and education as a way to end the prevalence of
domestic minor sex trafficking in communities across Virginia.
Midlothian, VA

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative (NOVA HTI)
Connecting with the public, law enforcement, service providers and
volunteers to identify those being trafficked and to provide intervention,
crisis response and aftercare services.
Reston, VA

Virginia Beach Justice Initiative
Building a coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations that work
together to (1) prevent the victimization of individuals and (2) create a
comprehensive region-wide program to identify and then assist victims from
the time of rescue through recovery and reintegration.
Chesapeake, VA


Freedom Stones
Train and employ artisans who are either survivors of sex slavery or
at-risk of being trafficked. 100% of proceeds from the jewelry line go
directly back into our work for freedom.
Kirkland, WA

Real Escape from Sex Trafficking (REST)
Provides direct services to hundreds of people exploited by the sex trade
in Seattle and the greater King County area.. Through our holistic
continuum of care (prevention, intervention, and aftercare), we serve those
who are at-risk, actively in, and those taking steps towards exiting a life
of exploitation.
(425) 395-4691
Seattle, WA

Seattle Against Slavery
Mobilizes our community in the fight against labor and sex trafficking
through education, advocacy and collaboration with local and national
Contact through website
Seattle, WA

Stolen Youth
Inspires action, fundraises, and builds and invests in coalitions to
dismantle the marketplace exploiting children for sex.
(845) 594-7974
Seattle, WA

UnBound Seattle
Collaborating with our local service providers and community to end
trafficking through prevention, education, and advocacy efforts. UnBound
provides direct services to youth and women impacted by trafficking and
provides educational resources to the general community.
Seattle, WA

Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN)
Coalition of organizations in Washington State that provide direct
assistance to victims of trafficking.
Seattle, WA

West Virginia

West Virginia Human Trafficking Coalition
Raise statewide awareness of human trafficking, train law enforcement
personnel, service providers, and government agencies, develop a network of
service providers, victim advocates, agencies, and faith-based
organizations to serve trafficking victims, and catalyze and coordinate
trafficking investigations with federal, state and local law enforcement.
Contact through website


Exploit No More
Works with private, public, and other non-profit community organizations
dedicated to serving youth and eradicating child sex trafficking through
awareness, advocacy, and aftercare.
(414) 384-6100
Milwaukee, WI

Restore Innocence Ranch
Non-profit residential treatment center helping teen girls (ages 11-18) who
are coming out of sex trafficking. Restore Innocence Ranch keeps them safe
from the pimps & traffickers while restoring them.
Waukesha, WI

Slave-free Madison
To promote awareness about modern-day slavery and advocate cooperative
community responses to reduce the incidence of human trafficking.
+1 (0) 608 712-7788
Madison, WI

Wisconsin Anti-Human Trafficking Consortium (WAHTC)
Works to prevent human trafficking, protect victims and their rights,
promote prosecution of perpetrators, and build partnerships that promote
respectful collaboration between survivors of human trafficking,
communities and systems. Working to identify potential and current victims,
and to strive to serve and protect victims of human trafficking
Contact through website

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Committed to anti-trafficking work by providing library resources,
technical assistance and training; engaging in policy advocacy and helping
to build capacity to serve victims of trafficking.
+1 (0) 608 257-1516
Madison, WI


Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Provides advocacy support – quite simply, the training, technical
assistance, and other resources that support the work of our member
programs and partners in ending violence.
Tel: 307-755-5481
Laramie, WY